About Us

About us

Coniq construction is the construction and development field of the company CONIQ MANAGEMENT . It is founded 2019 oriented to 2 different fields :construction & energy .Artesa Construction has the capacity, systems, resources and network to facilitate constructions , buildings , hotels , factories and stores .Artesa Energy focus to the construction, maintenance and operation of renewable energy sources. The Artesa group cooperates with high quality global manufacturers .

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the European premier development ,engineering, construction, and project management organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver . We want to be a great builder that construct green added value buildings and photovoltaic parks

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Coniq Energy Field

Artesa Energy Department

Development of Solar Parks

We offer support in all phases of a project: From the selection of the site where the park will be constructed, the feasibility study and the licensing to the correct location of the facility.

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Construction of Solar Parks

The construction of the photovoltaic park is the most important step in the investment. The quality construction of a project can contribute to the uninterrupted and without problems (damages, etc.) subsequent operation of the project. Our company having licensed and built many photovoltaic parks and having extensive experience in this field, we offer above all the highest quality and most complete turnkey park development packages at competitive prices

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Operation & maintenance of Solar parks

We provide two preventive maintenance of your PV Station annually. Maintenance is performed strictly following all the tests and tests specified in the European standard IEC62446: 2016. The controls include 1) Electrical control 2) Daily control of generated power 3) Mechanical control 4) Replacement of consumables

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Network Inspections

Electrical inspection services involve the carrying out of periodic, preventive and statutory electrical inspections on electrical installations to analyse their safety, efficiency and compliance with electro-technical regulations, codes and standards. Electrical safety inspections are key to maintaining reliability and technical efficiency of electrical installations.

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Energy Audit Inspections

Coniq Construction audits are conducted by accredited energy inspectors with EU-wide experience in the energy efficiency of buildings. Their scientific knowledge, skills and experience are an additional guarantee to the client. Artesa energy inspectors provide a direct , fast and discrete audit service and provide continuous technical support to the client.

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Construction/maintenance and inspection of middle, high and ultra-high voltage substations

It is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment installed at Substations, Transmission Lines and Converter Stations, making sure it operates within specifications, thus ensuring the maximum reliability, availability and seamless operation of the Transmission System.

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See the Services of ARTESA

Architecture & Interior Design

From the first sketch through construction, we ensure that every design element aligns with your brand.

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Civil Engineering

Due diligence, entitlements, design, permitting, and more - everything you need from surveying through construction for one site or more

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Mechanical Engineering

We'll help you build in savings and sustainability from the very first drawing a well designed mechanical system from the start - and throughout the life of your buildings.

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Electrical Engineering

We'll help you adapt your program to local requirements, wherever "local" happens to be.

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Structural Engineering

The heart of any good building is a smart, efficient and cost-effective framework.

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Program Management

We propel new-build, remodel, and re-image programs forward throughout the project lifecycle, from site selection and due diligence to the construction punch list and closeout.

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Construction Management

A licensed general contractor, multi-site rollout programs are our specialty. Discover the efficiency of having your architect, engineer, and general contractor collaborating on the same seamless team.

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Energy Services

We work with developers and host companies to design and build distributed generation systems that help businesses move toward sustainability and reduce costs.

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Cutting Edge Technologies

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we provide accurate digital twin modeling and surveying for as-built and geological reporting.

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Coniq Construction Field

Artesa Construction Department

Construction of Hotels ,Business Units & buildings

We provide complete solutions for construction of new or expansion of existing Hotels in Greece ,buildings , business units , stores & factories , with eco friendly prefabricated quality constructions

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Engineering Architecture

The scale and ambition of these projects require close collaboration between multiple disciplines. We connect core engineering services with specialty expertise to address extreme conditions and threats, achieve higher levels of performance and life safety, and reduce construction and operating costs. We also design and implement HVAC and other Electrical engineering constructions in buildings , hotels and business units

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